2017 Journal Of Proceedings
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2017 journal of proceedings

caesar's palace, Las vegas

General Session

May 17, 2017
    "Life in Limbo" Foster Care Simulation
    Presented by David White, Fostering Great Ideas and Chancey Strong, Consultant

May 18, 2017
    Wendy's Wonderful Kids - Taking an evidence-based program to scale
    Presented by Rita Soronen, President and CEO of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

    Reshaping Adoption in the 21st Century: from "Child Placement" to "Family Success" Care Presented by Adam Pertman at National Center on Adoption and Permanency and Dr. Ruth McRoy at AdoptUSKids

Recruitment Track

May 17, 2017
  1. Reverse Teen Matching Event
  2. Ja'Neen Jones at Three River Adoption Council

  3. Mentoring Youth in Care: A Unique Approach; A Positive Connection
  4. David White at Fostering Great Ideas

  5. Using Media to Recruit, Develop and Support Resource Families
  6. Pat Rhoads at AdoptUSKids and Tracy Serdjenian at NRCDR at AdoptUSKids

May 18, 2017

  1. Been There, Done That: Hiring Foster Care Alumni
  2. Sara Blomeling DeRoo and Kimberly Offutt at Operation Forever Family

  3. Customer Service Approach to Working with Potential Foster/Adoptive Families
  4. Rachel Kinder and Carrie Dawson at Mission West Virginia

Retention Track

May 17, 2017

  1. Exploring Life in Limbo
  2. Chaucey Strong, Trainer and Consultant

  3. Beyond Recruitment
  4. Jill Marshall May at NRCDR AdoptUSKids and Mary Boo at AdoptUSKids

  5. Rural Recruitment and Retention
  6. Heather Simmons and Michelle Colburn at Lund

May 18, 2017

  1. Moving to Permanency in Foster Care
  2. Mark Lacava at Spence-Chapin

  3. Partnering for Permanency: How public and Private Agencies can help waiting children
  4. Beverly Clarke at The Barker Foundation and Brandi Hill at Prince George's County

Post-Permanency Track

May 17, 2017

  1. Building an Adoption Aware Community
  2. Teresa Hess at Families First Network

  3. Making of a Man: Raising African American Youth in Foster Care
  4. Brandi Hill and Lisa Robertson at Prince George's County Department of Social Services in Maryland

  5. Integration of Child Welfare, Behavioral Health and Physical Health
  6. Neiko Shea at Sunshine Health and Toby Pina at Cenpatico Behavioral Health

  7. Challenges Associated with Engaging Adoptive Families in Preventative Services
  8. Leslie COhen and John Webb at Spaulding

May 18, 2017

  1. TBRI Caregiver Training and Support
  2. Jill Crewes and Amanda Purvis at The Adoption Exchange

  3. Supporting Families who Adopt Older Youth
  4. Heidi Raubenolt, Michelle Parra, and Amanda Dunham at Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange

Impact Institute

May 17, 2017

  1. Achieving Permanency for LGBTQ Youth Institute Part 1
  2. Ellen Kahn at Human Rights Campaign

  3. Child Welfare Leadership Institute
  4. Deborah Burrus at Georgia Department of Human Resources and Lauren Arnold at The Adoption Exchange

May 18, 2017

  1. Achieving Permanency for LGBTQ Youth Institute Part 2
  2. Ellen Kahn at Human Right Campaign and Rich Valenza at RaiseAChild

  3. Interjurisdictional Institute
  4. AEA's National Match Event Taskforce