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Latest News as of June 8, 2020

Monday, June 8, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Marisa Murakami
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The Trump Administration has submitted a brief to be filed by the Department of Justice with the Supreme Court arguing that a taxpayer-funded organization should be able to refuse working with same-sex couples whom the group considers to be in violation of its religious beliefs. Religious nonprofit, Catholic Social Services is suing Philadelphia after the city ended its contract with the faith-based provider. Civil rights advocates warn that a ruling for Catholic Social Services will have negative consequences to hurt children in foster care by reducing the number of families to care for them.

New Jersey federal district court has rejected claims by foster foster parents who claim the state acted unconstitutionally when it removed a child from their home and when it suspended their foster care license. Plaintiffs claim that they were retaliated against because of their religious beliefs that homosexuality is a sin. The court has found insufficient allegations to support the plaintiff's 1st Amendment retaliation claim and rejected the argument.

South Carolina child welfare advocates are changing how they are helping at-risk children during the pandemic. Child welfare advocates worry that elevated family stress, increased financial burdens and extended school closures mean that children remain at high risk for abuse and neglect. Increased online interactions as well as tele-health mental health and therapies has shown to be a better option for families and online attendance at virtual support meetings has tripled surprising many organizers and proving that emotional support is just as critical as physical or financial assistance.  

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