National Member Network
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AEA works with our national member network to ensure that every adoption professional has the opportunity to be connected and made aware of the most effective ways to recruit homes for children and support newly-formed families. It is our belief that all children in foster care should have the optimal opportunity to find a family regardless of where they may live or the resources available to them.


Thank you to our national member network!

  1. Adopt America Network, OH
  2. Adoption Advocacy, SC
  3. Adoption Rhode Island, RI
  4. Adoptions Together, MD
  5. AdoptNH, NH
  6. Barker Adoption Foundation, MD
  7. Center for Adoption Support and Education, MD
  8. Children Awaiting Parents, NY
  9. Children's Bureau, IN
  10. Coalition for Children, Youth & Families, WI
  11. Culture Conscious Coaching, AZ
  12. DC Child and Family Services, DC
  13. DCCCA, KS
  14. Family Builders by Adoption, CA
  15. Family Design Resources, PA
  16. Family Focus Adoption, NY
  17. Four Oaks Foster & Adoptive Family Connections, IA
  18. FosterAdopt Connect, MO
  19. Florida’s Adoption Information Center, FL
  20. Georgia Department of Human Resources, GA
  21. Human Rights Campaign - All Children, All Families, DC
  22. Adopt Kansas Kids, KS
  23. Latino Family Institute, CA
  24. LUND Family Center, VT
  25. Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, LA 
  26. Lutheran Social Services of WI and Upper MI, WI
  27. Maryland Department of Human Resources, MD
  28. Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange, MA
  29. Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange, MI
  30. Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services, MS
  31. Mission West Virginia, WV
  32. NACAC, MN
  33. Adoption Center, PA & DE
  34. New Jersey Department of Children and Families, NJ
  35. New York Council on Adoptable Children, NY
  36. North Carolina DHHS Children's Services, NC
  37. Northwest Adoption Exchange, WA
  38. Raise a Child, CA
  39. Selfless Love Foundation, FL
  40. Spaulding for Children, MI
  41. Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children, NY
  42. The Adoption Exchange, CO
  43. TRAC Family Services, PA
  44. Virginia Department of Social Services, VA 
  45. Virginia One Church, One Child, VA